We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Rosedale Art Fair will be taking place on:

Saturday May 31 from 11am - 6pm and

Sunday June 1st from 12pm to 5pm.

Once again this years event will feature the work of emerging artists at participating Rosedale stores and restaurants.  At Scrivener Square up to 40 artists will be featuring their work. You will have the opportunity to meet directly with the artists and purchase works of art. This is a remarkable opportunity to support the work of up and coming local artists.


Click Here to Download an application for artist submission


Kristen Ianni of Holy Trinity School will be showing her work at the Rosedale Art Fair


To see photographs of Art Fair 2013 Click Here


Merchant: Room 2046
Address: 1252 Yonge St.
Featured Artist: Kristan Ianni

Activity: Kristen Ianni is a sixteen year old student at Holy Trinity School in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Kristen is currently finishing her grade 11 year. She's been very passionate for art from a young age, her main interests being in portrait work in pencil and coloured pencil. She also has a strong interest in math, science, and languages. This summer she will be travelling to Europe for an English and History course. Next year she will complete her grade 12 year at HTS and then decide what she will pursue in her post-secondary studies.

Merchant: All the Best Fine Foods
Address: 1101 Yonge St.
Featured Artist: Artist TBA.  
Activity: In-store sampling and food demos

Merchant: Absolutely Inc

Address:  1132 & 1236 Yonge St
Featured Artist: Legendary Canadian Artists: Jack Bush, Greg Curnoe, Joyce Wieland, Michael Snow

Merchant: Dogfather & Co.
Address:  1007 Yonge St.
Featured Artist: Kristina Rapson - Photographer
Activity: Featuring photo's of her "Street Dogs Around the World" Series 50% of profits will be going towards Dharamsala Animal Rescue -

Merchant: Farrow & Ball 

Address: 1054 Yonge St. 

Featured Artist: Jessica Mundell is a design graduate of OCADU where she studied Illustration. She has always had a love of ephemera and nature which comes to life in her colour palettes and subject matter. Jessica has received recognition from American Illustration, Creative Quarterly as well as CMYK Magazine. She is now a colour consultant and assistant manager for the Toronto Farrow & Ball showroom.

Merchant: Of Things Past
Address: 1096 Yonge St.
Featured Artist: TBA

Merchant: Chair Table Lamp
Address: 1156 Yonge St.
Activity: Allen the owner of Chair Table Lamp will be hosting Tiago
 Araujo, the art displayed will consist of a collection light hearted, signed, framed limited edition prints, riffing on the theme "chairs, tables and lamps". The shop is open that weekend,   Sat. May 31st 11:00am - 5:30pm

Merchant: RBC
Address: 1103A Yonge St.
Featured Artist: Summerhill RBC will feature Katie Lyle
Activity: Katie Lyle received the 2012 Honourable Mention award in the RBC Canadian Painting Competition
She is originally from Vancouver, BC.  Her piece in the competion is named, "White Night"
It is Oil on canvas

Merchant: Bernice Whelan Realty
Address: 1166 Yonge St.
Featured Artist: Benjamin Lappalainen

Activity: Benjamin is an avid 16 year-old photographer at Holy Trinity School.  He has a broad range of photographic interests including landscape, architecture, concert, abstract, aviation and astrophotography.  His passion led him to start his own photographic business in 2013.  His work was showcased at Brookfield Place in Toronto in 2013 during the Beauty Project exhibition.   He is also a videographer who won the Toronto International Film Festival's 24-hour Film Challenge in 2014.

Merchant: Paul Hahn & Co.

Address: 1058 Yonge St.
Featured Artist: Paul Hahn & Co will be featuring two emerging artists, Jennifer Pierce and Jessy Kahn both recent graduates of OCADU. 

Activity: There will be a reception from 1-3 on Saturday, 31st, the artists will be in residence.

Merchant: Greenhouse Juice Co.
Address: 5 Macpherson Ave
Featured Artist: Artist name: Elena Mari

Bio/Work: Elena Mari is a Toronto based artist who was born and raised in North Vancouver, British Columbia. She attended the University of Toronto and completed a double major in Cinema Studies and Fine Arts. She works in a variety of different mediums including watercolour painting, printmaking, photography and chalk. Her work is often characterized by a keen attention to detail, simplified colour pallet, and a unique consciousness and conveyance of her subject’s personality. Growing up out west and moving to Toronto, a great deal of Elena’s inspiration comes from both nature and cinema. Along with working at Greenhouse Jucie Co., Elena creates custom portraits for customers all over Canada ( For the Rosedale Art Fair, she has chosen to do a portrait series inspired by film director Wes Anderson and the iconic characters from his films. Contrasting to the style of Wes Anderson, Elena has chosen to work in black and white removing the dimension of colour in order to solely focus on the expressions of her subjects.

Merchant: Putti
Address: 1104 Yonge Street
Featured Artist: Rita D
Activity: Rita D is a Toronto based jewellery designer who graduated from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, Germany. Her sensitivity to colour, her attention to detail and her unique combination of materials draws the attention of the fashion world and brings costume jewellery to the next level. she interprets haute couture her way and make every woman who wears her designs look fashionable, unique and sexy.

Merchant: Love The Design
Address: 1226 Yonge St.
Featured Artist: Artist - Christine Flynn / Photographer / Mixed Media

Merchant: Homa Gallery
Address: 1110 Yonge St.  Suite 200
Featured Artist: Homa Jull Art Gallery is an intimate gallery /
studio, located on the 2nd floor of a heritage
walkup in the heart of Rosedale, featuring the art
of Homa Jull and a full calendar of exhibitions by
invited guest artists. The Gallery presents a unique
opportunity to experience a wide array of paintings
and drawings, and to meet the artists. Gallerist /
artist Homa Jull studied painting at New York
Studio School and has exhibited in Toronto,
New York, Paris, Florida and Ireland.
Homa Jull offers art classes for students
at all levels. Tuesdays 6-8pm: Art Dinner.
Thursdays 1-4pm: Introduction to Drawing.

Merchant: Decorum
Address: 1224A Yonge St.
Featured Artist: Robert Kamnatnik was born in 1950 in Zagreb -Croatia, where he received classic training in European fine arts and graduated from the renowned School of Applied Arts.
He emigrated to Toronto Canada and pursued my passion for art as a graphic designer and started his own graphic design company
handling and creating award winning designs for many of Canada’s leading companies.
Art has always been his passion and in mid 2008 he turned his attention to painting on a full time basis. More recently, he developed an interest in abstract art. His works are mixed media paintings - acrylic, oil and pastels on canvas, paper and board
2010 - Infinity Art Gallery - Juried Winter Expo - 2nd Place Award
2011 - The Artist Project - Group Show
2012 - Wellington Street Art Gallery - Solo Show
2013 -Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition - Group Show
2013 - Parker Gallery -Solo Show
2014 -Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition - Group Show

Merchant: Boxcar Social
Address: 1208 Yonge St.
Featured Artist:           CANCELLED



Elizabeth Hardinge -

Elizabeth Hardinge is an emerging contemporary Canadian artist living in Toronto. Her artistic voice speaks of movement, energy and playfulness, with the goal of capturing the moment and allowing it to carry on. Working in oil, her larger format canvases allow her to be passionate, expressive and visual. - See more at:
Elizabeth Hardinge is an emerging contemporary Canadian artist living in Toronto. Her artistic voice speaks of movement, energy and playfulness, with the goal of capturing the moment and allowing it to carry on. Working in oil, her larger format canvasses allow her to be passionate, expressive and visual.

2) Haidee Malkin -

Haidee Malkin was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and now lives in Toronto, Canada.

She has had numerous exhibitions  locally and internationally and has been published in various magazines.  She is also part of a collection in the Johannesburg  Art Gallery in South Africa and has worked for the Toronto International Film Festival for the past 10 years.

Haidee's work is varied . She covers  weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, children's portraits,  private  functions and work events.

She has been on numerous photographic expeditions to Europe, Egypt, Morocco and Africa with photographers from National Geographic.
"I love photographing people and capturing them in their natural habitat”

She has a photo-journalistic approach when photographing .
"I like my subjects to be totally relaxed  when I photograph them as I feel that this is the only way to capture one's essence"


3) Cynthis Colby - Toronto Photographer

"I am rerely separated from my camera. My life and work has been populated by street photography, portraits, landscape and travel photographs"

Cynthis had a solo show at Artscape Wychwood Barns in the Peter Mckendrick Gallery in February 2014 caled "Help"


Cynthia Bolby studied Fine Arts at York University.

Merchant: Starbucks
Address: 1088 Yonge St.
Featured Artist: Larissa Yeung

Activity: My name is Larissa Yeung and I am eighteen years old. I am currently in my final year of high school at Holy Trinity School and I will be attending OCAD U in September.

For me, art is how I express myself and my ideas. I’ve been drawing since I was a child and I have always taken pride in making something beautiful and meaningful. I’ve worked in several mediums and enjoy drawing, sculpture, watercolours, and photography the most. I look forward to experimenting, exploring and learning more about these mediums along with discovering new ones. My goal is to evoke thought and emotion into my viewer when they see my art, and hopefully inspire them to make art as well. In the future, I hope to make more powerful pieces and to make pieces that comment on the world that we live in.

Merchant: Parterre Flowers
Address: 1114 Yonge St.
Featured Artist: Cynthia Colby - Toronto Photographer
Activity: The photo exhibit is entitled "So Good it's Good and So Bad it's Good.
In this show you will find beautiful, iconic and spiritual images, that you typically love to look at, juxtaposed with pleasingly distasteful photographs.  Cynthia recently had a solo show at Artscape Wychwood Barns in the Peter Mckendrick Gallery in February 2014.

Merchant: Terroni
Address: 1095 Yonge Street
Featured Artist: Alli Melanson charcoal drawings (who will be helping with the installation)
Vincent silk screen prints
George Carijutan paintings
Stephanie Palmer photography
Kim Megly photography
June jewellery
Nicole Di Nardo painting
Devon jewellery
Jenny-Anne McCowan photography (Bettola)








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